Star Trek XII: Will Spock Dump Uhura?

One of the questions regarding  Star Trek XII concerns the Spock-Uhura romance and where, if anywhere, the romance will go.

Trek fans were surprised by the romance between the half-Vulcan Spock and human Uhura in Star Trek XI, and now they wonder what will happen now that Vulcans have become an endangered race.
Zoë Saldana (Uhura) also wonders how the romance will be handled in the Abrams sequel, hoping that the romance continues. “There was a huge acceptance and excitement with what J.J. and the writers did with that twist,” she said. “What they did was a huge gamble, and when it worked, it worked really, really well.”

But events of the movie may force a change in that relationship. “It would be interesting to see what they are going to do with it,” said Saldana. “I really hope they keep continuing to explore it, but at the same time too … I could be wrong, but I thought Vulcans only mate every seven years. So now that the planet has been extinguished, it’s kind of interesting. Can Spock mate with a non-Vulcan?”

Saldana thought that given the destruction of most of the Vulcan race, Spock might need to find a Vulcan female instead of Uhura to help perpetuate the species, because any children that Uhura and Spock might have would only be one-quarter Vulcan. “I’m not a Vulcan,” she said. “Now there’s no Vulcan planet.”

Source: MTV

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