Star Trek: The Experience Auction Complete But Another To Come

For fans who missed last weekend’s Propworx auction of items from the former Star Trek: The Experience, another auction will be held in August.

Items sold at the Propworx auction held on Saturday were not the “prime” items, but they sold at a brisk clip anyway.

Vic Bowman went home with a large replica of a Klingon Bird of Prey, paying $1000 for the beat up model. Bowman, who builds props and creates artwork for haunted houses and Renaissance fairs, will fix it up though. “I will have to make it pretty, ” he said. “I will probably just sit in the dark and stare at it, and drool.”

In addition to fans, some of the actors and extras who used to work at The Experience came to buy and to reminisce. Some bought their old uniforms. April Hebert, who played two different characters at The Experience for eleven years, the Vulcan professor T’Pril and Commander Tahryn, was in attendance with fellow employee Vernon Wilmer (Borg Drone 7 of 16). Both were sad at the demise of The Experience. “We stare at the blank wall where The Experience used to be,” said Wilmer. “It’s half depressing and half beneficially therapeutic.”

Some of the objects along with the Klingon Bird of Prey for sale last Saturday included a Borg alcove ($800) and vent tubes inscribed with “Plasmacoil” and “Cryogenic Fluid” ($200).

Other items deemed to be in better condition than the items for the Propworx sale will be auctioned off this August at the Hilton, during the annual Star Trek convention. At that auction, six hundred items from the various Star Trek television shows and movies will be sold.

Source: Las Vegas Review-Journal

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