Star Trek: The Children Of Kings

Fans waiting for David Stern‘s Star Trek: The Children of Kings can read the first chapter of the book now.

In Star Trek: The Children of Kings, Captain Christopher Pike responds to a distress call from Starbase 18. When they arrive, they find that the Starbase has been attacked and no survivors remain.

With the help of Pike’s science officer, Lieutenant Spock, they discover that an energy signature in the area is probably Klingon, the result of a newly-developed cloaking device.

The Orions are taking advantage of Klingon-Federation tensions to rebuild their power but Pike has an opportunity to build a relationship with the Orions when he receives a distress call from an Orion vessel, if helping that vessel, in disputed territory, doesn’t lead to a war with the Klingon Empire first.

The excerpt can be found here

Star Trek: The Children of Kings releases on April 27.

Source: Simon & Schuster

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