Saldana: Star Trek XI Pre-Production

According to Zoë Saldana (Uhura), Star Trek XII will begin pre-production this autumn.

When asked whether fans would see the sequel to Star Trek or the sequel to Avatar first, Saldana claimed that Trek would be first. “I think Star Trek,” she said. “Because that one’s already going into pre-production soon…From what I hear. Unless J.J., who’s always full of surprises…

“But I do think we’re going into pre-production starting this fall to start shooting early next year. And I have a feeling, I don’t know, that Avatar is going to happen right after.”

Saldana is eagerly awaiting the chance to play her two characters again, for artistic and practical reasons. “The fact that I’m going to be able to get to play Uhura again and the fact that I’m going to be able to be Neytiri is wonderful because I haven’t been able to part with them,” she said. “And the fact that I’m going to be employed for a year and a half makes me feel really good because that means the rent is covered.”

Source: MTV

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