Nimoy’s Visit To Vulcan

The Town of Vulcan, as well as plenty of Star Trek fans, were delighted with the visit of Leonard Nimoy yesterday.

Fans in uniform, parades, a bust unveiling and a handprint (Vulcan salute) from Nimoy were all part of the celebrations, which took place in the small farming community of 2,000 residents.

“I have been a Vulcan for forty-four years,” said Nimoy. “I figured it was time I came home.”

Nimoy’s appearance in Vulcan was the result of years of effort to attract him by the town. “It’s an opportunity to welcome Spock home, to welcome Leonard Nimoy back to Vulcan, his home community, his home planet,” said Vulcan Mayor Tom Grant, who appeared at the ceremonies in Vulcan ears.

Nimoy spoke to the crowd gathered to see him unveil a bronze bust of Spock. “The Spock character has been a role model for a lot of young people, middle-aged people and elderly people like myself, a character of dignity and intelligence and professionalism,” he said. “In all of these experiences I have never had an experience quite as touching as I’m having here today.”

He urged the crowd to accept Zachary Quinto as Spock. “I hope you will take Zachary Quinto into your hearts because I think he’s a very talented and wonderful actor who will carry on the role of Spock with great dignity and professionalism and I think you’ll be proud of him in the future,” said Nimoy.

Vulcan tourism coordinator Dayna Dickens was thrilled that Nimoy finally made it to Vulcan. “I’m on Cloud 99,” she said. “It’s one thing to have, dare I say, a hare-brained scheme to try to go for the world premiere of a blockbuster movie in a small town that doesn’t have a movie theatre, but to have that story finally wrap itself up with a visit from the man himself, Mr. Nimoy, in Vulcan, it’s one of the few times you’ll ever catch me speechless.”

Source: Lethbridge Heraldvia Vancouver Sun

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