New Trek Charity Auction

Dave Rossi, one of the producers of Star Trek: Remastered, has contributed Star Trek items in an auction to benefit charity.

The Hollywood schoolhouse will be the beneficiary of this charity auction. Proceeds will support the school’s financial aid program.

Included in the auction are plenty of Trek goodies, including:

  • All three seasons of Star Trek: Remastered on Blu-Ray
  • A promotional poster signed by William Shatner, Dave Rossi, Mike and Denise Okuda, and Niel Wray (visual effects supervisor)
  • An original USS Enterprise model used to help visualize new effects shots
  • Star Trek tee-shirt, size XL
  • A Tribble

The auction runs through April 21. Head to the link located here to bid.

Source: Rossi Trek Auction Site

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