Collins Wants In On Star Trek XII

Clifton Collins Jr. (Ayel) thinks that his character has an excellent chance of returning for Star Trek XII.

Unlike Eric Bana, who said that he will not be back to play Nero, the actor who played his first officer thinks his odds of returning for the sequel are good.

When asked if it was possible if his character (or Nero) would be seen in the sequel to Star Trek XI, Collins said “Yes, absolutely 100%.”

“Now please go and tell J.J.,” added Collins, revealing that while he would indeed like to be in the sequel, his return is by no means as certain as “100%.”

Collins reminisced about getting that call from Abrams for Star Trek XI. “He actually called me at home and pitched the character to me,” he said. “It was truly an incredible experience working with J.J. and his entire team. So much love on set for working such long hours.”

Source: Aceshowbiz

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