2011: Star Trek: The Exhibition Heads East

Star Trek: The Exhibition, currently touring out on the West Coast, will be heading east next January.

In January 2011, Star Trek: The Exhibition will travel from Sacramento’s Aerospace Museum of California, to Kentucky.

The Louisville Science Center, located in Louisville, Kentucky, will be the new temporary home of The Exhibition starting next January.

Louisville Science Center Executive Director Joanna Haas believes that The Exhibition will be a big hit. “The Exhibition, we think, has a tremendous opportunity to draw regional tourists,” she said. “It really builds on the pop culture phenomenon, TV series and countless movies, that in many ways helped inspire early astronauts and scientists to push the boundaries of what we know about science.”

Featuring original costumes, props from shows and movies, recreations of sets from all five Star Trek television series and eleven films, The Exhibition has something for any Star Trek fan.

Highlights of The Exhibition include:

  • Props and costumes from Star Trek XI
  • Captain Kirk’s chair, with a visitor photo opportunity using green screen technology
  • Recreation of the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D Engineering Room
  • Shinzon’s throne from Star Trek: Nemesis
  • Recreation of the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D Bridge. Visitors can sit in Picard’s Captain’s Chair
  • Replica of Star Trek: The Next Generation‘s Sickbay
  • Recreation of Quark’s Bar from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Source: WFPL.org

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