Zinkievich On Star Trek Online Post-Launch

Now that Star Trek: Online is out, it’s time for the developers to use the feedback from the players to improve the game, as well as looking towards future additions.

Star Trek: Online‘s Executive Producer, Craig Zinkievich, described the mood of the development team, now that the game has been launched. “Everyone’s relieved that the game has finally made it to shelves, and we’re getting some real, live feedback from people across the globe,” he said.

Zinkievich031010“We’re also very excited for this next chapter of development that is currently underway, where we’re working on a live game, making new content, and trying our best to get that feedback from our fans into the game.”

Zinkievich addressed complaints regarding the quest system and the prevalence of “kill X of Y” type missions. “Well, bear in mind we have episode missions, which are quite varied and go beyond the standard “X of Y” missions,” he said. “We’ll definitely be adding more of those to the game as time goes on, as well as more varied missions of all types. That’s not to say missions that demand you exercise your tactical abilities will go away, but we do plan on giving players a lot to do as time goes on.”

Some players prefer starship-based missions as opposed to ground missions. Plans are to improve the ground missions to make them more attractive to players. “We will be working on ground missions to get them up to par with space,” said Zinkievich. “We want to take all aspects of gameplay and continually make it better. So, yes that means working on ground missions to make those better and more engaging, but also delivering better improved gameplay across the board.”

What about the future? “The great thing about creating an MMO,” said Zinkievich, “is that if it’s something that you liked but for whatever reason couldn’t get it in at launch, you can revisit that idea and implement it later down the road.”

Source: Atomic MPC

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