Star Trek Online: STF Mission Details

Details of the Star Trek: Online Special Task Force (STF) missions, introduced earlier this month, are available for players.

“Infected,” the first STF, in which players travel to the Sibiran system to investigate Starbase 82 (which has been taken over by the Borg) was introduced first. “Infected” was followed on March 18 by “The Cure.”

In a recent Star Trek: Online developer chat, the developers gave clues to assist players in the STFs. In “Infected,” players were told that the tactical cube drops a purple item if played correctly. Thus far, no player has done this.

Other “Infected” information includes:

  • On the test server the gate health is now 800k instead of 200k and has a 20 second window in which the shields are down. One wave comes out and then the gate shuts down. The gate does not open again until every NPC is dead. There are also no longer spawns above and below the gate.
  • When fighting the end boss (Rebecca Simmons), a player in the group will be targeted with a blue circle. That player will do damage to other players in the group within a particular range regardless of what that player does. The goal is for that player to get away from the other team members.
  • Borg will no longer double-spawn in the end room of Infected. They still respawn, but the respawn timer no longer starts until the borg die (rather than when they spawn).

More general information on both STF missions include:

  • Marks of Valor are planned to be tradeable for other badges/tokens in the game.
  • Dropping a STF mission will no longer allow you to retake it, unless the timer has reset already for that mission.
  • The first part of “The Cure” does not give marks.
  • Comparing Rebecca Simmons to the Borg Queen, STO’s lead designer of the STF missions “Gozer” stated “On a scale of 1-10, you guys are at a 2 right now”.
  • Khitomer Accord will explain why the borg were so weak in the tutorial (also created by Cryptic_Gozer) and hidden in the Khitomer Accord mission (not an objective) will be a way to obtain a borg bridge officer (with robotic uniform and not an engineer).

Source: ZAMvia Star Trek: Online

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