Star Trek Online: Forthcoming Updates

Star Trek: Online will be releasing updates to their MMORPG game in the next week and a list of what will be added or changed lets players know what to expect.

The changes will affect PvP, customization, ships, missions and skills. In addition, new items are offered for sale in the “C-Store” and lifetime subscriber perks are described.

111909CSTOFor lifetime subscribers, Cryptic offers a special thank you package, containing classified access codes, “The Captain’s Table” (a special social area, for both Federation and Klingon captains, exclusive to lifetime subscribers), and a special in-game title.

Customization changes include off-duty uniforms, so that officers can relax in style, and new stances (stern or relaxed) and hairstyles.

Klingon Captains have a new Battle Cruiser, the K’Tanco (available to Lieutenant Commanders) as well as the ability to customize the Bird of Prey or Raptor.

Source: IGN

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