Shatner To Host New Show

As if his life wasn’t busy enough, seventy-nine-year-old William Shatner will be hosting a new show.

Shatner will be host and one of the executive producers of Weird or What? a show that will explore strange mysteries, using science to try to explain them.

According to the description of the forthcoming show, “From medical oddities, mysterious disappearances, and mystical monster attacks, to historical wonders, paranormal phenomena, and bizarre natural disasters, Weird or What? first recounts mind-blowing stories, and then uses radical experiments to try to separate science from science fiction.”

“Our show is weird, wonderful and yes, a little wacky,” said Shatner. “And if the true-life mysteries of our world interest you, then this is your adventure.”

“William Shatner is instantly recognizable to generations of TV fans and has established cult status in the science genre,” said Charles Tremayne, Cineflix’s executive VP of programming. “We are thrilled and proud that he has agreed to bring his talent and unique wit to our newest science program.”

Weird or What? will be distributed internationally by Cineflix Productions, with the exception of the United States. In Canada, the show will be seen on the History Channel.

Source: Virtual Pressvia

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