Saldana Wants A Fight Scene In Trek

Zoë Saldana wants more than just an emotional or mental challenge in her acting roles.

Although Saldana enjoyed her work on Star Trek XI, she was a bit jealous that the men got all the good action scenes. “In Star Trek I had so much fun,” she said, “but the boys had all the action.

Currently involved in The Losers, the big screen adaptation of the comic book by the same name, Saldana is playing Aisha, who has plenty of action scenes. Saldana hopes to be allowed to perform a big stunt at the end of the film where her character jumps 120 feet into the air. “I think I can [do it],” said Saldana. “My mom isn’t that keen on it. This is not Jane Austen. I was an athlete my whole life, but to be able to challenged not only emotionally, but try to tackle a character which would also be challenged physically, I’m in my phase of action film exploitation.  After Avatar, for two years of being harnessed and jumping off of wires I wanted to keep exploring that.

Saldana hopes for more action scenes in the next Star Trek film. “J.J. [Abrams] promised me in the sequel she will have at least one little fight,” she said. “At least kick a guy in the groin or something.”

Right now, Saldana, the other Trek actors and the producers are emailing back and forth with one another. “If you guys could really see, we all have each other on a massive E-mail group and all the producers and J.J. and just to read the back and forth between Karl Urban and Simon Pegg and Chris Pine and John Cho. I’ve been having tons of fun. The last two years have been fun because I’ve been working with amazing actors and amazing directors.  Whether they have been prolific directors or fairly new directors or highly promising like [The Losers Sylvain White] or J.J. I just have been having so much fun.”

Source: Hitfix

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