Pegg: Bring On The Green Girls

Zoë Saldana may want to fight in Star Trek XII, but Simon Pegg is looking for another kind of physical action in the Abrams sequel.

Pegg would like to see Scotty get some interplanetary romance in the next Star Trek movie. “I’d like to have sex with a green woman!” he said.

“Not me,” added Pegg, clarifying his statement. “Scotty! I say things and I regret them immediately.”

Pegg is eager to get going on the next movie, which he believes will begin shooting later this year. “I bug J.J. on a regular basis and he just fobs me off,” said Pegg. “But I saw Zoë Saldana recently and she reckons that it’s going to be soon.

“I would imagine it’ll be toward the end of the year, but I can’t guarantee it.”

Source: Digital Spyvia

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