New Trek Actor TV Commercials

William Shatner and George Takei are featured in two new television commercials.

Shatner, who celebrates his seventy-ninth birthday today, has a new Priceline commercial in which the Priceline negotiator has an “evil twin” who appears, complete with goatee and skull ring. Mirror, Mirror, anyone?

The “evil twin” tries to discourage a would-be vacationer from utilizing Priceline. The “real” Priceline Negotiator (Shatner) sets the clueless man straight. “You win THIS time,” snarls the “evil twin” who vanishes in a puff of smoke.

Shatner isn’t the only Star Trek actor doing commercials. Takei’s newest commercial has hit the airwaves and can be seen here. In Takei’s commercial, a pitch for Sharp Quattron TVs, Takei, in a white lab coat with the red Sharp logo embroidered above the pocket, uses his familiar “Oh my!” line, following by the famous Takei laugh, in responding to the clarity of the picture on the television screen.

Source: YouTube(Shatner)via YouTube(Takei)

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