Lego Star Trek

More talented fans create Star Trek ship masterpieces out of Legos.

Many children play with Legos making simple structures such as houses or cars. But some creative adults take the little colored plastic bricks to where no Lego has gone before.

One of these artists, listed simply as -2×4- on the Brickshelf website, has created a fleet of Star Trek ships, including ships from the Federation, the Romulan and Klingon Empires, the Borg and Cardassians.

Three dozen ships have been created, coming from all five television series and from the movies. There is the Enterprise-1701 as well as the 1701-D and E, and the USS Excelsior. The Klingon Empire is represented by three ships, including a Bird of Prey and the D7. Two Romulan ships have been created, one from the original series and the green D’deridex.

The full gallery can be seen here.

Source: Brickshelf.comvia Walyou

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