Last Year To See Nimoy At Conventions

Leonard Nimoy, best-known to Star Trek fans as the original Spock, will attend ten different conventions this year, but then will retire from the convention circuit.

“I think this is the last year I will do this,” he said. “It’s exciting, but I think I’ve done enough of it. I’m looking forward to concentrating on my personal life.”

LeonardNimoy01222010Originally, it was believed that the character of Spock would not amount to much. There were also worries about reaction from a certain segment of the population. “There was a concern that the Bible Belt country would reject the character,” said Nimoy. “To come this distance and be talking about it is overwhelming.

“It’s extraordinary. I consider myself an extremely lucky person. The character has been welcomed by so many people. I’m pretty touched by that and pretty humbled by that.”

Nimoy told a story about something that happens often to him, being recognized by fans. Recently, he was having lunch with his wife in a restaurant in New York, and their waiter, an immigrant from Bangladesh, told Nimoy that he had grown up watching Star Trek. The show had affected him, explained the waiter, who began to cry.

When Nimoy went to pay the bill for the lunch, the waiter told him that another patron had also recognized Nimoy and had paid the bill for him. And after leaving the restaurant and getting into a cab, Nimoy realized that on the dashboard of that cab was–a cardboard cutout of Spock!

Nimoy has plenty to do in his life nowadays with TV work and his photography. His latest photography project, Secret Selves, opens July 31 at MASS MoCA in Massachusetts. For Secret Selves, Nimoy photographed almost a hundred people in the studio who were illustrating their hidden or secret selves by courtesy of props and/or costumes.

And what of the future? Nimoy is hoping to find “undiscovered territory” “There will be ideas that pop up that will be irresistible,” he said.

Source: The News Tribune

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