It’s Been An Up Year For Giacchino

Michael Giacchino had a productive 2009 and is reaping the rewards of having composed music for Star Trek XI, UP and Lost, while looking ahead to future projects.

Giacchino has already won two Grammys, as well as a Golden Globe for his work in Up. He has been nominated for an Oscar as well for Music Original Score for his work in the animated Pixar film, going up against another composer known for his work on Star Trek, James Horner.

But what does the future hold for the talented composer? Once Lost concludes, he hopes to focus more on film work, which will probably include the sequel to J.J. Abrams’s Star Trek XI.

This time, will Giacchino be able to include some musical themes from the original series? When asked, he said, “I don’t know. It’s hard to say. I guess it would depend on the story, and if the story allowed even for a wink to something like that, sure. There’s so much great music that came out of the original series that would be fun for me to play with.”

In the meanwhile, Giacchino is getting ready for this weekend’s Oscar Awards ceremony. While looking forward to the event, he is not worried about winning or losing, but will just focus on enjoying the experience. “I’ve never been one to really kind of worry about the outcome of a situation,” he said. “But I am excited to go just to have fun.”

Source: CNN

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