Future Star Trek Online STF Missions

Details on three future Star Trek: Online Special Task Force (STF) missions has been released.

Joining Infected and The Cure will be Khitomer Accord, Into the Hive and Children of Khan.

In Khitomer Accord, the mysteries of why the Borg attacked the Vega Colony will be revealed, as will how the unprepared Starfleet was able to defeat them. In this STF, players can:

  • Confront the Borg before they can use temporal anomalies to change the past of the Federation.
  • Warp back into your own past, in the hours before the attack on Vega Colony.
  • Discover a base where thousands of Borg drones are being held in stasis. What are the Borg’s plans for this hidden army?
  • Starfleet’s not ready for the Borg. A defeat here could mean that the entire Alpha Quadrant falls. Balance the scales and fight the Borg for the preservation of the quadrant.
  • Learn the fate of a missing Romulan empress.

In the STF Into the Hive, the fate of the Alpha Quadrant hangs in the balance and players will confront the Borg Queen herself. In addition, players can:

  • Rescue civilians trapped on an assimilated world.
  • Follow the trail to a unicomplex, and penetrate deep into the Borg stronghold.

Finally, in the Children of Khan STF, Amar Singh has escaped from Federation custody and along with an underground group of Augments, have stolen the USS Asgard, and are now racing towards the remains of the Mutara Nebula. They need to be stopped before they start a new Eugenics War. Players can:

  • Fight a fleet assembled by Princep Khan and his followers.
  • Beam onto the Asgard, and battle through its corridors to save civilians and crew.
  • Confront the Princep. Can you deal with his transporter tricks?
  • Save the divided Asgard and give the saucer section a chance to escape!

Source: VGrevolution

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