Cho: A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas Status

Fans looking forward to the third installment of the Harold and Kumar series, with John Cho as Harold Lee, will be pleased to hear that the film may release this holiday season.

Plan calls for filming on A Very Harold & Kumar to begin in June. A director is still needed, and it is not known if Kal Penn (Kumar Patel) will be returning. Penn is currently in Washington, D.C., working for the Obama administration.

Cho031210The story of Harold and Kumar will begin a few years after the second film and Harold and Kumar are not living together anymore. “”I think we catch up a little later in Harold and Kumar’s lives,” said Cho. “It takes place over the holiday season and I think this could be a legit holiday movie, which is a shocker. I think their intent is to sort of honor the traditions of the holiday movie style, that genre. I don’t know if they’ll stick to that. I don’t know how many rewrite are gonna happen, but from what I hear, they’re happy with the idea.”

Cho also spoke another of his movie roles, the Star Trek sequel, updating the status. “I still think they’re hammering out script ideas,” he said, admitting that he didn’t know who the villain would be. When asked if he has tried to pitch anything for Sulu in the sequel, he said, “No, I’m not ballsy enough.” But Cho was confident, given his role in the first movie, that his part would be satisfying.

Source: Collidervia

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