Andrew Koenig’s Life Celebrated

Family and friends gathered together Saturday to celebrate the life of Andrew Koenig, son of Walter (Chekov) and Judy Koenig.

Approximately one hundred loved ones joined the Koenig family at the Inn of the Seventh Ray in Topanga Canyon, California, for the private ceremony.

AndrewKoenig022210Walter Koenig’s representative David Moss described the ceremony. “It was a celebration of life,” he said. “All of the family was there and a lot of his actor friends and filmmakers flew down and joined in. It was not all happiness, I must say. There was a lot of sadness, but there were some very nice high points.”

Andrew Koenig took his own life last month after struggling for years with depression.

Koenig’s parents did not speak at the ceremony, but their daughter Danielle and her comedian husband Jimmy Pardo showed a ten-minute film they had created about Andrew’s life.

“It was tough for them (the parents) but there was some closure and I think that was important,” said Moss.

Source: Jam!Showbiz

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