Trek Toys At Toy Fair 2010

The 107th American International Toy Fair opened yesterday in New York City, and amongst the toys on display are those certain to be of interest to Star Trek fans.

Star Trek ships and weapons were on display at the Diamond Select Toys booth and will reach store shelves this year and in 2011.


Klingon fans will be pleased with a Klingon Bird of Prey, which should be released next year.


Federation fans will be able to purchase an NCC-1701-B Enterprise, due out in November. The ship will sell for fifty dollars.


The Minimate Galileo shuttle from “The Galileo 7” will arrive in stores in December of this year. The Minimate will come with an armed Spock figure with a ripped and dirty uniform. This set will sell for $12.99.


Other toys include a phaser, classic science tricorder (featuring the voice of Leonard Nimoy) and a Star Trek Klingon Disruptor. the disruptor will arrive in stores next year and will sell for forty-five dollars.


Source: Cool Toy Reviewvia Toy News International

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