Stewart: No To Mad Max But Yes To Technology

There will be no Star Trek: Nemesis reunion with the news that Patrick Stewart won’t be in the fourth Mad Max movie.

Rumor had it that Stewart would be working on Mad Max: Fury Road, possibly with Tom Hardy (Star Trek: Nemesis), as TrekToday and others reported recently, but Stewart’s publicist set the record straight, saying that the rumors were untrue.

Stewart02022010Fans will have to be content with watching Stewart on other projects, including his appearance on tonight’s Frontline (Digital Nation), which airs on PBS. On Digital Nation, Stewart and others will talk about what it means to be human in a 21st-century digital world.

Stewart talks about his love of technology on the show, including the Internet as well as  his beloved iPhone, but not Twitter, which Stewart doesn’t use, feeling that it is of little use to him. Stewart also admitted to not gaming, but he had a good reason for his avoidance. “I do have an addictive temperament,” he explained. “I have a stack of games. I’ve never taken the covers off of them, because I feel that if I do…I’m finished.”

Source: MTVvia MTV

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