Stewart Interested in Star Trek Sequel and Mad Max 4

Star Trek: The Next Generation‘s Patrick Stewart is not particularly interested in animated The Next Generation, but like several other Star Trek captains before him, would like a role in Star Trek XII.

Appearing at OzTrek2 in Australia this weekend, Stewart spoke about the J.J. Abrams sequel, saying that he really liked the work that Leonard Nimoy had done in Star Trek XI.

123109StewartStewart went on to say that “If I was asked to do a guest role, like Leonard, in the new film, I would do that. They’re a fabulously talented group of individuals.”

When it comes to continuing Star Trek: The Next Generation as an animated series, Stewart isn’t interested, unless Seth MacFarlane (American Dad) is involved. Saying that he “probably wouldn’t” do the voice work, he told fans that the actors of The Next Generation have “moved on” and “the story has been told.” According to Stewart, “The work stands on its own.” However, he would do it if MacFarlane wrote it.

In other Stewart news, rumor has it that Stewart might be working on Mad Max 4: Fury Road. The rumor is based on Stewart telling a fan that he would be “back here soon to shoot a movie with George Miller.” Only two projects of Miller’s (Mad Max 4 and The Odyssey) are possible choices. If the rumor proves to be true, a Star Trek: Nemesis reunion might occur, as Tom Hardy (Star Trek: Nemesis: Shinzon) is reportedly playing Max, formerly played by Mel Gibson.


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