Star Trek Online: State Of The Game

Star Trek: Online Executive Producer Craig Zinkievich updates players and other interested parties on the state of Star Trek: Online.

Now that the launch of Star Trek: Online is past, the emphasis is on fixing problems, tweaking the game and planning for the future.


“So very, very much has happened over the last few weeks,” said Zinkievich. “It feels like every single time I began to write a new State of the Game, we’d have to quickly douse live shard fires, juggle major play tests and push critical late night patches. By the time the dousing, juggling and pushing was done, the outline of my State of the Game would be hopelessly out-of-date.”

One important element for Zinkievich is maintenance and support. “Our objective,” he said, “[is to] implement as many of the stability and gameplay adjustments you asked for as soon as humanoidly possible (as safe practices allow, of course). To this end, Community has put more effort into moderating the boards and CS has recently staffed up in order to get through your tickets quicker. The idea being, ‘we can hardly fix what we can’t see.'”

Early server issues were a problem, but “we’ve also thrown a metric ton of hardware and man hours at getting the server capacity up. Our network operations crew has been performing admirably, to say the least.”

Zinkievich listed the game adjustments that are on the way.

  • Respec
  • Death Penalty
  • Difficulty Slider
  • More open auto-fire
  • Replayable missions
  • Improving Memory Alpha
  • Fixing those Commodity Missions

“And there are a bunch more,” said Zinkievich. “We’ve heard you and are working on all these issues, but we want to make sure that they come out clean and finished. We hate rushing out features, it inevitably leads to us accidentally breaking things we didn’t have time to test.”

Source: Star Trek: Online

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