Star Trek And The Fatal Frontier

Space, the fatal frontier. Star Trek fans of murder mystery dinners who live in New Hampshire have an opportunity to combine both activities with the announcement of a Star Trek-themed murder mystery dinner.

The Mystery of the Murder on the Fatal Frontier will be performed at the Governor’s Inn in Rochester, New Hampshire, on weekends from February 19 through March 13.

STMurderMystery021110The show features a cast of twelve actors, including characters from several series. There is Captain Quirk, Mr. Spork, Captain Jean Luck Pick-a-card, Captain Kate Gangway and Scortie, as well as other assorted characters such as Klingon warriors and Flan (Khan).

In The Mystery of the Murder on the Fatal Frontier, Star Trek fans and non-fans alike will enjoy the story which includes a “ship-to-ship attack, Klingon warriors, and the wrath of Flan.”

“On this voyage into the unknown everything is possible; where the doctor is a hologram and one of the part-human, part-machine Borg is a seductress. The only thing certain is death … or rather, murder. But even the finales are optional as the audience is drawn into three possible endings!”

For more details and where to get tickets, head to the link located here.


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