Spock Loses His Ride

Even a Vulcan gets no respect when it comes to letting a car payment lapse.

In Operation Repo, a fictional repossession team, based in San Fernando Valley, is shown repossessing cars for finance companies. According to TruTV, “We take a look inside the fast-paced, high-pressure world of car repossession with a team of highly trained professionals.”

This week’s episode featured a man dressed in nuTrek garb as Spock and a woman dressed as Uhura, but in slacks instead of a mini-dress.

“We never know what to expect,” said one of the females on the repo crew. And indeed, the man dressed as Spock stayed in character, to the disgust of the repo crew.

While one doesn’t expect quality out of a show like Operation Repo, which uses scripted re-enactments, it’s a bit disheartening as a Trek fan to see the stereotypical Trekkie shown yet again. Then again, it IS Operation Repo, entertainment for the trailer trash set.

And what was up with Spock crying? REAL Spock would have neck-pinched the entire repo crew or beamed them onto some ice planet. Of course, “real” Spock probably pays his bills.

Source: TruTV

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