High-End Star Trek Uniform Replicas Coming Soon

Fans who want to go first class when it comes to their Star Trek uniforms get a peek at some prototypes.

Anovos Productions will be rolling out their new high-end Star Trek uniforms in mid-March, offering styles for both the original series and for Star Trek XI and UGO.com has some photos of the uniform tops and pants.

Trekshirt1020310Star Trek is pretty much a well-branded property,” said Anovos Co-founder Joe Salcedo. “Surprisingly enough, there are very rarely any companies that have actually pinpointed and focused on uniform replication, the high-tier replication.”

There will two versions of uniforms. The stunt version will cost between $250-$315, and the hero version will cost between $400 and $475.

Source: UGO.com

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