Stewart Co-Stars React To Knighthood

Patrick Stewart‘s castmates on Star Trek: The Next Generation congratulated Sir Patrick who was knighted at year-end.

Several of Stewart’s co-stars, including LeVar Burton, Wil Wheaton and Brent Spiner tweeted regarding Stewart’s knighthood, and mixed with the congratulations was a little teasing.

010310TNGCast“Congratulations Patrick, on your Knighthood…!” said Burton.

Wheaton found out the news from Burton’s tweet. “You know what’s even more wonderful for me than finding out that Patrick is going to be knighted? Finding out from @levarburton,” he said.

“Hip hip hooray! Congratulations to my friend, Patrick Stewart,” said Spiner. “I can’t believe he’s being made King of England!”

“Guess I wasn’t completely correct about Patrick,” Spiner said a day later. “Apparently he’ll be King of Scotland, Wales and North Ireland, as well.”

“Wait, you mean he’s not going to be K…oh,” tweeted Spiner a half-hour later. “Well, a Knight is good too, right? Hooray for Sir Patrick! He still lives with the Queen, right?”

Source: Tampa Bay Examinervia Twitter

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