Star Trek: The Exhibition San Jose Appearance Extended

Silicon Valley residents who haven’t made it to see Star Trek: The Exhibition yet, take heart, as The Exhibition will be continuing on through April.

A healthy response to The Exhibition is responsible for the time extension, with over 50,000 visitors checking out the Star Trek universe set up at the Tech Museum in downtown San Jose. Fans have until April 11 to come and see The Exhibition.

“The response to this exhibition has been, well, stellar,” said Peter Friess, president of The Tech Museum. “By extending the exhibition, we give more people the chance to explore the Star Trek universe and see how much of the science fiction in the series has become science fact.”

“We’ve been thrilled with the great response from fans and first timers alike,” said Dan Fenton, CEO of Team San Jose. “The extension gives Bay Area residents and visitors yet another chance to experience this unique exhibit. San Jose is the optimal setting for blockbuster events like this one.”

The Exhibition features original costumes, props from shows and movies, recreations of sets from all five Star Trek television series and eleven films and (for an additional fee) the IMAX version of Star Trek XI.

Source: The Tech

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