Star Trek: Online Del Taco Promotion

Atari is partnering with Del Taco to offer limited-edition collector’s cups with a bonus.

Visitors to Del Taco, the nation’s number two fast food restaurant, will get a free trial of Star Trek: Online with their soda when they buy the “macho-sized” drink.

STOCups01212010Each cup contains a promo code good for a forty-eight-hour free trial of the game. Customers can use up to four of these trial codes and when they do so, Atari will add an extra two days, for a grand total of ten days of free access to Star Trek: Online.

If after trying out the game the customer decides to purchase it, he or she will get a free Type-8 Shuttle pet, which will “follow their starship around the galaxy like a legless Aibo.”


Source: Kotaku

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