Ryan On Trek And Leverage

Star Trek: Voyager‘s Jeri Ryan appreciates her time on the show as Seven of Nine.

Years after Star Trek: Voyager finished airing, Ryan is still recognized for her role as the former Borg Seven of Nine and grateful for her continuing work after the end of the series. “I’m really lucky to have been given a role that was so beautifully written, that was so rich to play as an actor and which became an iconic character,” she said.

011309JeriRyan“You don’t look a gift horse in the mouth,” she said. “I’m very grateful for that, that’s very rare. It’s nice that it made an impression on people and that they enjoyed it that much.”

But being cast on Star Trek came with a price. “It’s also scary to sign on to Star Trek because it’s notorious for pigeonholing actors,” said Ryan. “I feel incredibly lucky that I’ve been working pretty steadily ever since.”

Ryan is currently working on Leverage, joining the established show for a short run. Ryan had no problem with joining a show already in progress. “It was very appealing to me that it was only seven episodes,” said Ryan, “partly because it shoots in Portland and my family is [in Los Angeles]. But it’s also incredibly freeing. You don’t have to worry about a multiyear storyline. You don’t have to worry about how a scene affects the characters’ relationships in seasons three, four and five. It’s fun. It’s a quick in-and-out.”

This evening, the first of the last six episodes of the second season of Leverage began airing on TNT.

Source: Sheknows.com

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