Pegg: Stop Bullying

Star Trek XI‘s Scotty encourages his old school to take bullying seriously.

Too many schools turn a blind eye to bullying, but a group of students at Simon Pegg‘s former school want to change that at their own school.

PeggStockA group of students at Brockworth Enterprise School in Gloucester, England, contacted Pegg in hopes of having him join their anti-bullying campaign. Pegg responded by sending a letter of support to the school, urging them to act and to not avoid the problem.

“I think most people experience bullying at some point,” he said in the letter. “It isn’t just stealing lunch money. It can be mental or physical.”

“It means using strength or power to intimidate someone weaker or in a weaker position than you,” said Pegg. “It’s important to send the message out to those who bully and intimidate that their actions are unacceptable. I have complete disapproval towards bullying, but also, to some degree, pity.”

“Bullies are weak and pathetic. If you don’t (tell someone) it will simply continue. Be strong. You are not being a snitch, you are protecting yourself and others. If you’re not sure who to speak to at school, speak to a parent or even a friend. The important thing is not to suffer in silence.”

Source: Aceshowbiz

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