Wine Drinking Star Trek Style

Some Star Trek fans will no longer have to drink their Romulan ale or Klingon Bloodwine out of plain wine glasses.

Trek fans on the prowl early for that perfect Star Trek gift were in luck recently when pairs of glasses etched with the Star Trek Federation logo were sold courtesy of vendor leetol1 on Etsy.

The elegantly etched pair of wine glasses, offered at $18.00 for the pair, kept selling out. They weren’t the only hot seller, sets of Pittsburgh Steeler glasses were also snapped up quickly.

All is not lost for those shoppers who procrastinated though. The vendor offers a pair of personalized wine glasses, upon which names or dates can be inscribed. It’s not too late to order a pair of wine glasses with “Beam Me Up, Scotty” or “Star Trek” inscribed upon them.


Source: SlipperyBrickvia Etsy

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