Star Trek: Online – Questions Answered

With the release of Star Trek: Online just two months away, those involved with the creation of the MMORPG have been answering questions on websites around the world.

In the latest interview, producer Daniel Stahl explained how various elements of the game would work. Questions were asked about starship vs. planetary gameplay, story elements, fleet battles, social gaming and working with other captains.

Star Trek fans will be pleased to discover old friends and special references to canon Star Trek while playing Star Trek: Online. “As players progress through the game, we expect fans to find numerous references and visual ties to events from past episodes and movies,” said Stahl. “Our writers have done a wonderful job of incorporating elements from all of the TV series as well as the movies. Players will come face to face with the Guardian of Forever, Alpha Quadrant Dominion, the Mirror-Universe, original series Klingons, and even deal with the destruction of Romulus from the most recent movie.”

Star Trek: Online hopes to reel in non-Trek fans as well as those who love Star Trek. “We hope that casual gamer looking for something new will find a unique and satisfying game experience in Star Trek: Online,” said Stahl. “There is fun and addictive gameplay at the core of STO that doesn’t require you to be a fan or even know who the Klingon are. Anyone who’s dreamed of exploring the galaxy in a starship will find something to love about this game. The beauty of entering orbit around a planetary system I’ve never seen before still makes me smile every time.”

In addition to the Stahl interview, there are several others available on the Star Trek: Online website. These interviews are in Dutch and in French, with translations in English available.


Source: Star Trek Online

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