Star Trek Online: New Video And New Ask Cryptic

Star Trek: Online has just released a new video, The Veil of Space Part I, as well as a new version of Ask Cryptic.

In the new Star Trek: Online video, the USS Remembrance receives a distress call from an outpost which leads to the discovery of the body of a Federation geologist.

“Why would anyone kill a geologist?” asks a member of the away team who has arrived to investigate the distress signal. “It’s because, he was Federation,” replies another away team member.

In the latest “Ask Cryptic Part 1,” answers to players questions regarding the Klingons are provided. Topics include: the addition of future ships, including Klingon as well as ships from other races such as the Gorn, Nausicaan and Orions; Klingon combat and Klingon-language capabilities.

Regarding the addition of more Klingons ships in future, “We definitely want to add more ships to both factions after we launch,” said the developers. Ship additions may also include ships of other races. “If it turns out this is something that you, the players want to see, we will certainly consider adding in these ships in a future patch.”

Some players would like to have the Klingon language included in the game. Star Trek: Online would like to include this at some point, if they can find people with expertise in the language. “We’ve been looking all over for someone to help us out with Klingon Localization,” said the developers. “However, at this time there seems to be a shortage of Klingon linguists. We’re hoping that as the Klingon language becomes more prominent we’ll be able to find someone to help us out with this. We’re also looking into ways we can farm this out to the community. Any volunteers?”


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