Star Trek Online: Ask Cryptic

The developers of Star Trek: Online have added another installment of Ask Cryptic, this one again featuring questions regarding the Klingons.

Part Two of Ask Cryptic: Klingons has been posted and questions were posted on topics such as tactics, advancement and social structure.

Question: “Will Klingons be able to advance if there is a lack of federation players or Klingons nearby? i.e. Are there PVE objectives that Klingons can complete and earn rewards for within the Warzones or other persistent PVP constructs if no one shows up to contest them?”

Answer: “Yes the Warzone maps are setup so that they can be completed even if the other side doesn’t show up, your main opponent in that case is the PvE Content. However, with a single server model, we think there is going to be plenty of PvP to go around.”

Question: “I want to know more about the Houses and how they will be organized. Do the Houses have different benefits for joining? Will it be possible to rise in the favor of your House? What benefits/dangers will that convey? How much of a role to players have in the admin of their House?”

Answer: “Player-built Klingon Houses function like Federation Fleets so all advancement and benefits are handled by players themselves.”


Source: Star Trek: Online

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