Star Trek Alien Spotlight: Cardassians

IDW has completed Star Trek Alien Spotlight: Cardassians, the fifth and final issue in the second volume of Star Trek: Alien Spotlight.

The story, set just after the Dominion War, is written by Andy Schmidt, with artwork by Augustin Padilla.

120809STCardassiansAccording to the synopsis, “Set just after the Dominion War, a black-ops band of Cardassian fundamentalists infiltrate a Starfleet prison to assassinate the leader of the Dominion, the Founder responsible for eight hundred million Cardassian deaths.”

“But if justice is done, will the fallout with Starfleet plunge the Cardassians back into war? Guest-starring classic Star Trek: Deep Space Nine characters Kira and Garak!”

Alien Spotlight: Cardassians arrives in stores on December 9. Other comics in the five-issue Alien Spotlight series include: Tribbles, Klingons, Romulans and Q.


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