Quinto Star Trek: Online Video

121709QuintoAtari and Cryptic have released a new trailer featuring Zachary Quinto, who has done voice work for Star Trek: Online, as well as details on Klingon gameplay and screenshots.

Quinto is shown doing some of his voice work. “My personality matrix combines qualities of more than twenty physicians, scientists and counselors, including Admiral Crusher at Starfleet Medical, Ambassador Spock,” he said. “I am, quite frankly, the most advanced piece of technology on this vessel.”

In addition to the short video featuring Quinto, a press release let players know that they can play Star Trek: Online from the viewpoint of a Klingon warrior. “For the STO player who is looking for more PvP action, they’ve got it when they don uniforms on behalf of the Klingon Empire! STO players will be able to battle their way through more PvP scenarios than a Klingon warrior can swing a bat’leth at, and will gain access to unique ships as they rise in rank! Your brothers and sisters on Qo’noS will sing songs of your honorable deeds.”

121709KlingonsEighteen screenshots featuring Klingon scenery, including scenes on Qu’noS, shots of Klingon ships and plenty of Klingon warriors, will delight fans of the Klingon Empire.

Source: gameSlavevia IGN

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