Palin To Shatner: What’s Sauce For The Goose

William Shatner got a surprise today when Sarah Palin, former governor of Alaska, showed up on the set of The Tonight Show With Conan O’Brien.

Shatner wasn’t the only one who could make fun of someone’s memoir, as she went on to prove to the original Captain Kirk.

Finishing up a dramatic reading (complete with bongo accompaniment) of Palin’s new memoir, Going Rogue: An American life, Shatner was surprised by the appearance of Palin, who came onstage, Shatner book in hand, after Shatner ended his reading. She took the seat which Shatner had just vacated and said, ‘I think Bill did a great job, yeah, and I think it’s only appropriate then that I read a few choice excerpts from Mr. Shatner’s autobiography, Up Till Now.”

“I attended my first Star Trek convention in November, 1975,” Palin proceeded to read, to the accompaniment of bongo drums. “The money they offered me to attend this convention was, do I dare? Yes, I do, out of this world.”

My whole being resonated with incredible feeling,” Palin continued, reading another selection from the book. “I was going to go visit with an elephant on a starlit, moonless night in Africa and I was going to visit that elephant in my underwear.”

Shatner looked pained and Palin looked smugly at him. The audience laughed.

Source: E! Online

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