Musical Enterprise Lamp

For shoppers still looking for that perfect gift for a Star Trek fan, how about an animated musical Starship Enterprise lamp?

The Star Trek lamp plays the original series theme song, and includes the words “Space…the final frontier,” as spoken by William Shatner.

120209LampAs the music plays, an eight inch die-cast replica of the USS Enterprise rotates on the base of the lamp. The ship “has authentic details like Bussard intake collectors and a sensor array platform that are illuminated by four color-changed LEDs.”

A button on the base turns the music and rotating mini-Starship on and off.

On the shade, an image of the NCC-1701 is seeing “flying at warp sped through the final frontier” and is firing phasers.

The lamp, which uses a sixty-watt light bulb, sells for $99.95.

Source: Hammacher Schlemmer

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