Mulgrew Film 82nd Academy Awards Semi-Finalist

The Response, in which Kate Mulgrew portrays a Guantanamo military judge, has made the list of semi-finalists for the 82nd Academy Awards.

Ten live action short films were chosen from amongst seventy-one pictures that qualified, including: The Response, The Door, The Ground Beneath, Hotel, Instead of Abracadabra, Kavi, Miracle Fish, The New Tenants, Short Term 12 and Sidney Turtlebaum.

120509MulgrewAAThe Response is a recreation of the proceedings at the controversial Guantanamo U.S. military base in Cuba, where detainees suspected of ties to either al-Qaida or the Taliban are housed.

The suspects appear before tribunals which determine if they are being properly classified as enemy combatants.

In the thirty-minute courtroom drama, Mulgrew plays Colonel Sims, a conservative colonel who believes that the president should have the right to detain people considered a national security threat.

Source: Alternative Field Guide

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