Zinkievich On Post-Launch Star Trek: Online

According to Cryptic Studios Producer Craig Zinkievich, some ideas previously omitted from Star Trek: Online may be included as the game evolves.

The development team had “plenty” of ideas, said Zinkievich. “Some of the biggest were allowing players to play as neutral factions (like traders) or play as an officer on another player’s ship.”

Part of the reason some of the ideas weren’t included had to do with time constraints. “We also knew that we wanted to get the game out in a set amount of time,” said Zinkievich, “and that we wanted to make sure that we delivered a deep and rich experience rather than a whole bunch of thin ones. So we focused on making the Starship Captain experience.”

But Zinkievich offered hope to players interested in the ideas that weren’t incorporated into the game, due out February 2nd. “Great thing about MMOs, though, is how you get to keep developing them after launch…”

Source: Now Gamer

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