Tahir: It Was A Good Ten Minutes

Dying in J.J. Abrams‘ films appears to be a regular occurrence for Faran Tahir.

Tahir (Captain Robau) was a big Star Trek fan so he was delighted to land a role in Star Trek XI. “I grew up with Star Trek, so to get to do anything in it was fun for me,” he explained. “You have to look at what impact your character is going to have on the story. My thinking was that because it sets the mood for the entire saga, it was worth doing and was going to have an impact. So it’s ten minutes, but it’s a good ten minutes.

Stepping onto the bridge was a special moment for the man who had been a Star Trek fan since his childhood days.  “Yeah, I think every kid who watched Star Trek had that dream [to be in a Star Trek movie]. It was such a feast for your imagination. You can identify with it on both your geeky and intellectual level. I got on the bridge and the first seven minutes, I was in awe. It was like, ‘This is my ship!’ You have to learn to settle down and get to work.”

Although Tahir was satisfied with his role on Star Trek XI, he would like something to change the next time he works with Abrams. “I’ve done four things for him and every single thing I do for him, I die. It’s like, ‘What the heck is your problem? Do you just not want me on Earth?’ His last e-mail to me was, ‘I promise you the next time, you are not going to beepin’ die.’

Source: Moviefone

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