Star Trek XI DVD Store Extras

Fans purchasing Star Trek XI on DVD or Blu-ray when it comes out on the seventeenth will find that some retailers are offering extras with the DVD set.

Some stores are offering entries into contests, such as Hollywood Video. Those who rent or purchase any Star Trek XI DVD will be entered in a contest to win a poster of Uhura, autographed by Zoe Saldana.

Others are offering collectible packaging. Transworld (FYE/Coconuts/Suncoast) will have the DVD set in collectible steelbook packaging. Target has packaging that will keep the discs inside of the saucer section of a plastic Enterprise model.

Those purchasing the three-disc Blu-ray set from Amazon can buy a limited edition replica gift set, with a metal Enterprise.

Best Buy will offer a collectible gift set with a four pack of badge pins, and CVS will sell the DVD single disc set for $9.99 (first week only) with the purchase of $15.00 or more in iTunes gift cards.



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