Star Trek: The Art of the Film

Star Trek: The Art of the Film, a new book with artwork from those who worked on Star Trek XI is due out in bookstores next week.

There are plenty of goodies in the new Star Trek XI art book that will be appearing in stores starting on November 17 and preview pictures are available at several different sites.


Some of the concept art concerns the Narada, Nero’s Romulan spaceship. According to, Production designer Scott Chambliss explained that he looked at the point of a kitchen knife and imagined five hundred gigantic knife-edge points. “That’s how the Romulan ship developed,” he explained. “With a kitchen knife and the twisted imagination of [lead designer] James Clyne.”


Sci Fi Wire offers interior design shots of the Narada. “To give some special energy to the third act and scenes of the jellyfish flying inside the Narada, we underlit the interior in classic horror movie style,” said ILM’s Roger Guyett. “That idea came from a test that went wrong, but I actually liked the look. It was fun interjecting new ideas.”


For Klingon fans, Ain’t It Cool News has photos from the Rura Penthe development, which was cut from the film.

Other images can be seen at: IO9, and MTV.

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