Star Trek: Online Missions

The Star Trek: Online development team explains the “episode missions” within Star Trek: Online.

Episodes within Star Trek: Online are meant to let the player feel as if they’re playing an episode of Star Trek itself. The writers and developers of the game went though over seven hundred Star Trek television episodes before sitting down and writing their own for the game.

Included in the episodes are themes, dialog and dramatic moments, all designed to “look, feel and play like Star Trek.” Episodes are based on conflict, which “drives drama.” As the player progresses through Star Trek: Online, the episodes reveal more of the Star Trek: Online story, including what’s happening in places other than the Federation, such as the Romulan Empire.

At launch, there will be three “seasons” of content, with each season having fourteen episodes. Episodes are approximately forty-five to ninety minutes in length, and are five-act stories.

Source: MMORPG

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