Star Trek Cookies

For those wanting to get a unique holiday gift for the Star Trek fan on their list, Geeky Cookies offers special Star Trek cookies.

Two different types of cookies are offered, a Starfleet Badge cookie and a U.S.S. Enterprise Away Team cookie.

112809ACookiesThe Starfleet badge has silver and black icing. The U.S.S. Enterprise Away Team cookies come in original series blue, red and gold. The cookies are sold in one dozen or two dozen sets, with the one dozen set costing $20.00 and the two dozen set costing $30.00.

Geeky Cookies also offers other cookies including: Zelda Heart Cookies, Yoshi Eggs, Codex’s Staff, 360 Power Buttons w/RRoD, Pokemon Pokeballs, Pacman and Ghosts set and three different Super Mario cookie sets including an assortment with PowerUps, Starmen and 1Ups; Mushrooms and Starmen.

Source: Geeky Cookies

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