Orci On Khan, Shatner And Fans

With Star Trek XI done and out on DVD, fans are eager to know what will come next in J.J. AbramsStar Trek universe.

Roberto Orci spoke about Star Trek XII, including his take on the possibility of appearances by Khan and/or William Shatner.

For those with opinions on where Star Trek should go next, take heart, Orci admitted that he reads what is said by fans online and sometimes he takes their suggestions. “I read all the feedback, because I’m a fan and I frequented the sites as well, as a fan,” he said. “So I’m not going to stop now.  You know?  So absolutely.  I mix it up and I read all the opinions and, you know, they must affect something.  You can’t read stuff and not have it affect you somehow.”

Orci also spoke about the possibility of a role for Shatner in Star Trek XII.  Shatner recently accepted a Scream Award for J.J. Abrams, leading to speculations that Shatner might be in the next Star Trek movie. “Well, we wrote a scene for him in the first one, and I got outvoted in terms of where it ended up,” said Orci. “I’ll write another one and we’ll see what happens.”

Talk about the sequel seems to inevitably come around to Khan. Orci would say definitively if Khan would appear or not. “…even if we do Khan, or not, we’re trying to approach the story as just what’s best for it, and then can that character become Khan or not, you know,” said Orci. “You’re not trying to rely on previous knowledge or love of it, so you almost want to strip all the names away and just come up with the emotional forces and the scientific forces that are going to come into play, and then start letting the details kind of bleed in.”

Internet rumor has come up with a possible actor to play the role of Khan. Nestor Carbonell, pictured below, who plays Richard Alpert on Abrams’s Lost, is the name being mentioned. Time will tell if Carbonell will have a role in Star Trek XII, or if it’s merely rumor. At this time, it’s not even certain that Khan will be in the sequel.


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