Hey, That Ain’t Kirk!

What happens when a bad Halloween Star Trek photo on a costume package and Emmy-winning Star Trek: Voyager computer graphics animator “Mojo” meet? Star Trek fans start firing up their various graphic editing projects.

Right before Halloween, Mojo was in a costume store collecting a few things for his own costume when a Star Trek costume, seen here, caught his eye. “I encountered the above abomination at the Halloween store,” said Mojo. “Generally speaking, they choose a model for the packaging that at least bears some vague physical similarity to the person or character they’re trying to market – but in this case, WTF?!”

Instead of going home and drowning his sorrows in a keg of Romulan ale, Mojo blogged about it, and encouraged creative Star Trek fans to imagine how it would have been had the hapless model actually landed the part of James T. Kirk. “What if there was no Shatner?” asked Mojo. “Help the world visualize this with your mad Photoshop skills.”

Fans responded and the entries poured in. Several dozen were posted and several finalists were chosen out of the entries. Star Trek fans are invited to head over to Mojo’s blog, located here, and vote on the finalists.

Now, where’s that brain soap?


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